CSP Youth Shelter
The CSP Youth Shelter provides emergency shelter, counseling and short term crisis intervention programs and services to children ages 11-17.  Their goal is to keep children from becoming victims of violence and crime or from becoming involved in the formal juvenile justice system.  www.cspinc.org

First Thursday’s Art Walk
The FTAW promotes Laguna Beach as a year-round destination for fine art and arts related activities.  They also educate the public of the various forms of art. The Laguna Board of REALTORS® and Affiliates’ Charitable Assistance Fund specifically sponsors the buses that are used as public transportation for the First Thursday Art Walk.  This helps move people throughout the community so they may appreciate the art and the artists have an opportunity to sell their art in the galleries and other venues.  www.firstthursdaysartwalk.com 

The Laguna Board of REALTORS® and Affiliates’ Charitable Assistance Fund
The LBR/CAF provides assistance to members of the Laguna Beach REALTOR® and Affiliate community who have overwhelming medical or financial needs. www.lbr-caf.info 

The Laguna Beach High School Scholarship Fund
The LBR/CAF provides three (3) grants to graduating seniors with an interest in the arts who have demonstrated community involvement with 60+ hours of service.  www.lbhssf.org 

The Laguna Food Pantry
The Food Pantry strives to prevent homelessness.  They operate the Laguna Food Pantry, the only food pantry in the immediate area, and provide support services for local residents when disaster strikes.  Food is the most essential human need.  Even here in affluent Orange County, too many are at risk, and many of these are children and the elderly.  By providing free groceries at the Laguna Food Pantry, they help relieve pressure on families and individuals most in need in the Laguna Beach area.  People who are properly nourished are able to work, stay healthy, take care of their families, and hopefully avoid homelessness.  It is their intention as an organization to never turn anyone away.  www.lagunaresourcecenter.org

Laguna Plein Air Painters Association
“Laguna Plein Air Painters Association (LPAPA) builds upon and promotes the renowned landscape painting heritage of Laguna Beach.  LPAPA serves its members regionally, nationally and internationally through events, programs and education.  LPAPA enhances the visibility and livelihoods of its artists through the prestigious Plein Air Invitational and other programs.  LPAPA provides professional development and business management education to its members.  LPAPA enhances its mission through alliances with complementary arts organizations and provides mentoring and scholarships to emerging artists.”  www.lpapa.org

Laguna Outreach Community Arts
LOCA – Arts Education has provided innovative and inspiring art education programs that are offered throughout the community for participants of all ages.  LOCA collaborates with local non-profit organizations, the schools and businesses to provide educational opportunities for artistic enrichment.  www.locaarts.org

No Square Theatre
Laguna’s community theatre, provides performance opportunities for amateur players of all ages and experience levels, as well as affordable, quality entertainment for other non-profits in the area.  Additionally, they provide a children’s theatre camp each summer and do two kid’s shows during the year. www.nosquare.org

Seaside Legal Services
Seaside Legal Services is a nonprofit public interest law firm providing professional civil legal assistance free of charge to individuals who cannot afford counsel. seasidelegalservices.org@gmail.comType your paragraph here.